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We are allnex

The allnex coating resins company has been an innovator and industry leader since 1950. We have a history of working directly with our partners to create products that exceed expectations. With over 4000 employees in over 40 countries, we guarantee to give you the best advice and point you in the direction of the products perfectly suited for your applications. Contact us today to find out about our unrivalled technologies and make your business more competitive.

Unique chemistry and new technologies do not just happen by themselves. We have 23 research & development facilities around the globe, allowing us to always stay on top of an evolving industry. Regulations may be different around the world, but there is a clear trend towards increased safety and reduced environmental impact. This is one of the main aspects that has led to the development of low formaldehyde and formaldehyde free resins.

To meet modern standards, formaldehyde free resins are a more recent addition to the allnex product portfolio range. Focusing on eliminating or reducing formaldehyde, lowering emissions and worker safety, our innovative portfolio of formaldehyde free resins is what you have been searching for.

Formaldehyde free – automobile

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Safety first

allnex is constantly striving to be the leader in new technologies. Safer and more eco-friendly applications are a big part of that. Formaldehyde is classified as a hazardous material, making it an issue in both the working environment and the safety of the final product. Our vast portfolio of formaldehyde free and low formaldehyde technologies increase safety, whilst still maintaining an excellent overall quality. At allnex we understand that switching products can be a difficult choice to make, as sometimes it feels like its ‘better the devil you know’. However, our team are here to assist you every step of the way and make the transition as smooth as possible. Whatever challenge you face, our goal is to find simple and practical solutions. Advantages of our current formaldehyde free resins include:

No/little formaldehyde content

Safer work environment

Safer products

Wide application use

Meet our team

Formaldehyde free resins team

The people behind allnex are the key to our success in constantly innovating new technologies in an ever-evolving world. The team at formaldehyde free resins have multiple decades of experience in the industry and are always happy to help you navigate the vast portfolio.

Let us know what challenges you face, and we will find the perfect solution for you. We understand that any industry, in any location, can face unique difficulties. That’s why our mission is to find unique and tailor-made solutions to solve any problems you encounter. Speak to one of our team members today and let us help you make your business safer and more competitive. Request a free sample of our products and see the quality for yourself.

Meet our expert

Oliver Etz

Leading the formaldehyde free team is a true resins veteran; Oliver Etz. With over 25 years experience in crosslinker coatings technology, and a history of leading teams in both technical services and research & development, Oliver is here to help you find the perfect solutions for your business. Finding the exact product for your specific requirements can be a complicated process. Oliver’s extensive knowledge of the product portfolio range can help you quickly and efficiently narrow down the choices.

Contact Oliver directly and let his experience in formaldehyde free resins assist you in making the correct product choice.

We are confident that we can help. So, if you are still unsure whether we have the right products for you, request a free sample and see the results for yourself.

Oliver Etz